Let's sort out your waste problem

Binvent is a smart bin that segregates & disposes trash in the right bin without human intervention. Binvent uses computer vision & IoT to make recycling easier.

How it Works?

Go near the bin & wait for the door to open.
Place your trash in the tray.

(One item at a time)

Watch Binvent dispose it in the right bin for you.
Our Technology
ML Based Waste Recognition

Computer vision aided artificial intelligence classifies complex incoming waste streams with high efficency

Automatic Sorting

Efficient waste segregation mechanism built inside the system separates recyclables from landfill waste without human intervention.

Realtime Data Analytics

Waste analytics tool and active maintenance alerts to sustainably manage your facility.

Smart Out of Home Advertising

Quantified campaign engagement for climate conscious brands is a revolutionizing step towards out of home advertising.

Climate Impact

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We are on a mission to revamp the solid waste management system.